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July 26, 2008
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Ganondorf: My Country by FBK Ganondorf: My Country by FBK

My country lay within a vast desert.
When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world.
And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes.
No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing.. Death.
But the windes that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin.
I coveted that wind, I suppose.
It can only be called fate.

- Ganondorf; The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (pre final battle)

The first time I heard those words it made me feel Ganondorf isnt really evil but misunderstood. And his rough experience in life made him act a little bit berserk.

The screen shot was taken by me from Super Smash Bros Brawl <3
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CHCHcartoons Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
I was pissed off when they made Ganondorf tragic. He's the king of evil, so he shouldn't have a tragic past. He wasn't tragic in the previous games, so why make him tragic in WW? He was evil in OoT. He ruled Hyrule with an iron fist. Also his surrogate mother is evil. So how can you grow up good, when you were raised by evil? what's worse is that people are saying that he was the good guy and Link was the villain. Turning an evil villain with no back story, into a tragic villain with a sad past is ruining the character. Could you imagin if they did that to Darth Sidious, or Darkseid? I'm really sick an tired of people saying that Ganondorf was tragic, because he shouldn't be. He is evil incarnate. He's a monster. He's ruthless. HE'S THE KING OF FUCKING EVIL!!!!!!

phantomblast94 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Having a tragic past didn't ruin him at all. A villain who is evil just to be pathetically generic. Ocarina of Time showed us how far Ganondorf was willing to go to spread the suffering of his people to all of Hyrule. Wind waker had sealed his spot as the ultimate villain. He had a real personality, he showed he was a great character, with a lot of personality and creativity in his design. Evil incarnate? Yes, but he can still have his reasons. Monster? He is a lot more than a monster. Even with a tragic past, he can still be ruthless. And for fuck's sake, he is not a Mary Sue. He is the king of evil, but he can do it HIS way.

This is what disappoints me. In Twilight Princess, Zant is the real villain, and then you get tossed into a new objective to kill Ganondorf, who to TP Link is just a random punk who is brought up in the end. No plot. Literally, it is just "The game designers wanted Ganondorf in this game so I'm not the real final boss! Now go, and beat up the random villain who has nothing to do with this game, if you want to save Hyrule! Trololololol"

The tragic past never made Ganondorf pathetic or weak. It made him a more original character with actual characterization.
Karusegawa Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Actually... This could give out reason for his evil. He's also a Machiavellic villain, statement that can be backed on the "the end justifies the means" Machiavellan statement. And the "feral" version of him (Ganon) is actually pointed out to be some sort the form of Ganondorf's ego (described in LttP) trastorned by the Triforce. He's still evil in WW, only that he's given a reason to be evil.
CHCHcartoons Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
I don't like Ganondorf being a tragic villain. I liked him better being evil for the sake of being evil. After all, he's the King of Evil, not the King of Sorrow. This is why I prefer the Child Timeline, because Ganondorf is still evil, and still loving it.
phantomblast94 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
A tragic past does not make him an emo king of sorrow. He can still be a true villain and have a tragic past. He doesn't shed a tear, he doesn't show sorrow when he says it. Unlike certain characters like Cloud, Ganondorf moves on and does what he does best rather than brooding. And unlike Sephiroth A.K.A. Video game Justin Bieber, Ganondorf is not just some random pretty faced generic piece of trash.
Say what you want. The king of evil can be a ruthless monster and more. Hating him for having a tragic past which separates him from every other king of evil just proves you don't even care about the plot. You just like mary sues.
CHCHcartoons Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
My apologize. I promise to be more open minded next time.
doctoreggman294 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
''Don't you see? All of you... YOUR GODS DESTROYED YOU!'' - (My fav quote from WW)
I loved his TP look but his development in the wind waker. I hope he is in skyward sword and that they give him both a great look and excellent character development.
JudgeDrace21 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
Ganondorf!! I love him <3
What he says let me want to hug and worship him...
:hug: :worship:

I never have played WW but i know about it...
I think in the future i have to buy this game somewhere :XD:

Oh...And this comes to my favs :giggle:
FBK Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
Thanks for the fav, and yeah Ganny is the best in quotes =p
He was the ranked the No.1 Villain of all time on <3

WW is an amazing game, the amazing part about it is how Nintendo neglected the graphics to add more story <3
Boxohobo Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Wind Waker Ganon had developments.
Which covnerted me to an even bigger crazed Ganondorf fangirl.
But he wasted his breath, I hate how Link had little to no reaction to this development.
Wait-Link has little or no reaction to ANYTHING.
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